Our Approach

EGStoltzfus’ customer-centered approach to commercial construction is rooted in our 55-year history of custom home design/build work. Our commercial work grew out of interest from residential customers who wanted EGS to start a commercial business that reflected the same level of quality and customer care as our homebuilding business.

Whether we’re building homes or building a commercial space, our guiding principles remain the same – focus on others, earn trust and respect, honor commitments and value relationships.

Being a Customer Advocate

Being an advocate for our clients is why over 75% of our work is from repeat clients. And as a design/build contractor, we have extensive experience coordinating the efforts of contractors, building specialists, subcontractors, and architects. Our goal is to help customers achieve their goals, meet deadlines, comply with codes, and maximize quality and livability.


Our experienced team delivers quality at every phase of your commercial project, making sure your work is done right, on time and on budget with minimum disruption and maximum peace of mind. And we always carry out our work with the highest commitment to quality construction and solid craftsmanship.

Long-Term Relationships

We value the relationships we have with our clients, our employees, our suppliers and our trade partners. Many of our employees have been with our organization for over 15 years. And we have a very sound base of vetted local subcontractors, many that we have worked with for years.