Our Commitment to Safety

At EGStoltzfus Commercial Construction, our employees are our greatest assets. Their health and safety – along with the health and safety of our trade partners, material suppliers, clients, and the general public – is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our entire organization, from each job site worker to our executive leadership team, is committed to safe work performance. This all-embracing team approach has earned us consistently low EMRs (Experience Modification Ratings) and a reputation for upholding exceptional safety standards.

Our Initiatives

There are many ways in which we maintain safety regulations and safe practice procedures. Ongoing valuation, hands-on job training, and education are key components to performing our work safely, each and every day.

Some of our key safety initiatives include:

  • Comprehensive Company Safety Plan
  • Safety Director
  • State Certified Safety Committee
  • AHA Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC)
  • COVID Task Force with Certified Pandemic Officer
  • Monthly Safety Committee Meetings
  • OSHA-certified with Ongoing Safety Training

Industry Achievements

  • Consistently Low EMRs
  • National ABC STEP Safety Award – 2023 Platinum Level
  • ABC Keystone/OSHA Partnership Member
  • OSHA National Safety Stand-Down Participant – Silver Level
  • OSHA 10 / OSHA 30 Certification

Additional Certifications

  • LEED
  • CPHB  (Certified Passive House Builder)
  • EPA Lead Paint Renovator Certification
  • CPE Certified Professional Estimator

No work is so important, no emergency so great, that we cannot take the time to do our work safely.